In large enterprises

with complex structures, procedures and individual operating departments, the accounting department plays a highly significant role. The questions that arise most frequently are the following:

  • Can the existing organisational structure meet the business’ daily requirements and the volume of accounting work?
  • Can the entity take advantage of the opportunities provided by external bodies and factors (e.g. financing, development programmes, new accounting standards)?
  • Is there a way of receiving constant updates on matters of tax legislation?
  • Can the staff members of a company’s accounting department monitor the constant developments in labour law and payroll matters?

We undertake:

  • Amendments, liquidations and the winding-up of businesses
  • Accounting organisation and supervision
  • Accounting department designing and planning
  • Computerisation of accounting departments and restructuring of internal procedures
  • Training and guidance of accounting department staff
  • Accounting analyses
  • Cost accounting
  • Category C bookkeeping services
  • Payroll
  • Preparation of financial statements and filing of online tax returns, etc.
  • Preparation of budgets, reports and balance sheets

We provide tax support services, and tax advice, and we support your tax audits.

The long-term experience
of our staff

guarantees the high standard of the services and advice we provide, as well as the smooth running and organisation of your accounting department.