The needs of every business

are determined by its organisation and structure. Small and medium-sized enterprises often face problems organising their accounting department, as well as its individual operating procedures. Furthermore, they are also defined by lack of information, training and flexibility. On the other hand, larger entities have internally organised accounting departments with more associates and expertise. In both cases, there is an imperative need for guidance, training, supervision and information.



The accounting solutions we offer are described in detail below:

  • Establishment / Commencement, amendments, liquidations and winding-up of businesses
  • Category B and C bookkeeping services
  • Computerisation of accounting departments and restructuring of internal procedures
  • Organisation and supervision of accounting departments
  • Training and guidance of accounting department staff
  • Accounting analyses
  • Cost accounting
  • Provision of tax advice
  • Provision of tax support services to companies
  • Preparation of financial statements and filing of online tax returns
  • Payroll
  • Preparation of budgets, reports and balance sheets

In order for an
organisation to run smoothly

and to be able to grow and develop, it must have a well-organised and effective accounting department staffed by capable, experienced and reliable individuals. These individuals must keep abreast of developments and must recommend the best solutions and practices. The staff at LAPIDAKIS ACCOUNTING see to the proper organisation and excellent operation of every accounting department so that entrepreneurs can focus on the actual scope of their business, which is their area of expertise.